The three Cs of smart home access

By admin

Life can get busy… very busy! Running from one thing to the next means that you are rarely at home to let in your domestic worker, an Airbnb guest or even on occasion, a friend that needs to pick up your extra surf board.

What if there was a way to grant access to those that need it while simultaneously keeping track of the activity coming in and out of your home? OPEN is the perfect solution to all these scenarios when it comes to keys. In fact, now you can forget your keys altogether!


Using OPEN couldn’t be simpler – all you have to do is download an app on your phone. This connects to a device which is so easy to install it can even be done by a “DIY expert”. Or if you would prefer professional installation, we can send an installer to your home.

Once the device is installed, anyone can be granted or denied access at the tap of a button. Should the person requesting access not be able to download the app, you can give them access through the use of a specific pin code on their cell phone or installation of the OPENkeypad.

Other keypads require pre-programming of pin codes on the keypad itself or the use of a generic pin code used by multiple users, but the OPENkeypad is different. It is a failsafe that can be used by all OPEN users should a phone battery be depleted, or if the phone is missing.

Users are able to enter the pin code they would have entered on the app straight into the OPENkeypad– and because these are unique to each user, the activity log still tracks who entered and when. Simple. No more general codes, no more keys to lose, no more fuss!


OPEN is compatible with any door, garage or gate. There is no need to standardise the locks as the device is compatible with most doors. It easily fits into your space, your lifestyle and the current layout of your home or rental property.

The programme is also compatible with your pocket, offering a myriad of plans to suit your needs, starting from R50/ month. Everything is dependent on the number of access points and whether it is for home or business use.


Traditionally an access control system is expensive and complicated to manage, or the use is limited across the spectrum of homes, complexes and businesses.

Through the adaption and improvement of existing GSM technology, our system encompasses all access points, not only your front door. You can also specify which guests enter and the exact time frame that they enter and exit the premises. Pin codes are also linked to each individual so that activity can be tracked.

Further control is provided ensuring pre-defined users must be within the proximity of the access point – this ensures that the guest must be within for example 100 meters of the gate, garage or door to open it.

The OPEN team plan to further expand with future initiatives including fingerprint authentication as a measure to further provide control and ensure only registered users be granted access.

OPEN is the future of smart locking technology in South Africa and a simple, effective solution for any 21st century home. Make your life easier by downloading the app today!