Connecting your gates, doors and garages to OPEN is a convenient way to control access without the hassle of keys. This technology is a first for homes, complexes and businesses in South Africa.

The OPEN app allows you to manage multiple properties with ease and get real-time notifications of activity. Simply install the CONNECT device on any door, gate or garage (or get one of our trusted installers to do it for you). It is compatible with electric strike locks, magnetic locks or shear locks, so you can select one to suit the aesthetics of your property.

This CONNECT device can control two access points and allows you to give access to specific people through the app, anywhere in the world. The app also indicates whether the access point is open or closed using off-the-shelf magnetic sensors.


OPEN for homes offers unprecedented simplicity, control and convenience to:

  • manage domestic services
  • host short term rentals, for example on Airbnb or
  • access-management for secondary/ holiday homes
  • provide access for deliveries/maintenance teams

OPEN allows you to track who enters the premises and the time of entry.

Use our additional OPENkeypad technology to send guests a unique pincode by SMS which will grant access to the  person at a specific time, on a once off, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Providing further control, the rotating pincode feature sends a new pincode for every access slot – ensuring enhanced control.

All you need to get started is install the CONNECT device and download our smartphone app.

Launching soon: OPENalarm will enable users to set their access points on alarm – and if opened during a specific period, a call will be triggered to your phone in order to notify you of the unexpected activity.



Think of OPEN as a virtual security guard which streamlines access management to complexes. Using OPENintercom technology, a visitor simply phones the communities number, and if the host successfully grants access – a unique pin code is sent by SMS to the visitor which they then type into the keypad to gain access.

The pin codes are not stored on the keypad and are unique to each user, granting access only at a time of day specified by the manager. This can be on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, with the option of revoking access with immediate effect.

Community residents can also simply add a guest through the app before they arrive, which will also provide a unique pincode to the visitor.

Upon exiting the community, visitors simply use the same pincode, which allows community managers to see which guest are still on the property.

The benefits of OPEN include:

  • saving money from high service costs
  • no need for monthly landline rentals or contracts
  • eliminating the security risk of lost remotes
  • allowing the complex manager to track which guests enter, and when they leave

Another big plus to the OPENkeypad system is that residents and visitors don’t need to have the app to gain access to the complex.

Note: OPENintercom is currently in Beta Testing – mail us to sign-up to become one of the first communities to make use of this convenient technology.



Business owners are able to manage access to multiple entry points to their premises through the OPEN app. This eliminates the need for access cards, multiple sets of keys, or finger print capturing.

OPEN indicates the status of all doors, gates and garages – ensuring that stock yards and business assets are secure at all times and only allowing authorised personnel access.

OPEN allows business owners to:

  • keep track of entries
  • see which access point was entered
  • see the time of entry
  • know how long a door/gate was open to monitor suspicious activity
  • ensure access points remain closed during certain periods.
  • eliminate the hassle of biometrics and card management

We have a range of plans to meet a business’ particular needs and can develop custom solutions should the need arise. When all employees are linked, the business owner is able to have complete control over who enters and exits the premises.

Gone is the need to cut keys, make security cards, or capture fingerprints.


“I open our office most mornings and the OPEN system is awesome. I recommend it to all who are sick of keys being lost!” – Kerry Mawson, Rawson Properties, Paulshof

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