Our newest solution to short-term rental difficulties

By admin

Controlled, convenient, compatible. The 3 C’s at the heart of OPEN. We are constantly working on improving our products and services to help you manage access to your property.

A few months ago we asked a few Airbnb hosts what they struggled with in terms of renting out their properties on a short-term basis and we found that most could not maintain a normal work/ life schedule as well as successful interactions with their guests because they were pressed for time.

Hence the need for companies such as Superhost SA and AirSorted who manage short-term rental properties on behalf of property owners.

So how do property managers manage a magnitude of keys and constant changes in guest’s arrivals times? Many staff members with piles of labelled keys for each property.

We’re left wondering why everyone hasn’t felt the urge to replace all key operated systems immediately. This is especially the case with short-term rental managers. OPEN provides a self check-in solution through either a physical keypad or guests can use the app interface – making the arrival process much easier and less stressful for all parties.

As a manager, it is in both your and the owners benefit to provide self check-in facilities that would enable the property to achieve Airbnb Plus status. Furthermore, by providing a great check-in service for guests, managers can achieve Superhost status. The benefits of becoming a sought after host are what really make the investment in an OPEN system worthwhile. You receive priority placement in searches on Airbnb, guests are able to apply filters that exclusively search for Airbnb Plus or Superhost homes. This is a high reward and directly translates to increased revenue for both property owners and therefore property managers as well.

After discussions with property manages we found that they needed a globally compatible solution to create access codes for multiple guests and multiple properties – all managed in one place and through a desktop interface. This is why we are proud to launch our latest addition to the OPEN family: our desktop interface.

Our goal is to make managing  your properties and guests as simple as possible with the required flexibility to easily change bookings or guest details. As a manager, you will be able to see the schedules and pin codes of guests, see the entry/exit activity of the door and even see if the guest are using the incorrect pin code and could easily help them remotely.

The benefits of this will be manifold. Not only is the manager then able to have all the created schedules easily displayed (for both guests and service companies), but they are also able to easily see if the guest has arrived safely and could send a welcome message, and soon property managers will be able to automate a custom message to guests right from their desktop!

We are excited to work with property managers to make their jobs more convenient, give them control of the properties they manage and provide a compatible solution for each and every type of door, gate or garage.

Our desktop interface launches end September! If you’re interested in being one of the first to use this great new feature from OPEN, please get in touch!