OPEN the door to Airbnb Plus – higher standards for a higher income

By admin

“If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” – Hunter S. Thompson

We couldn’t agree more. Especially when it comes to maintaining the thread of luxury and convenience of your Airbnb. People appreciate the finer details and care, taken to make them feel special, particularly around the themes of extra comfort and the consideration of their safety.

If you’re currently an Airbnb host, you now have the opportunity to be elevated into a new category of super host – Airbnb Plus. If your space meets specific requirements, you are upgraded to an Airbnb Plus host which comes with a myriad of benefits including a new listing page to make your home stand out and “elevated placement and increased visibility in search results” – according to Airbnb. Want to add your property to this exclusive list?

Join the inner circle

Every Airbnb Plus property is verified in person by one of the Airbnb representatives. According to statistics, 73% of people will pay more for a home that has been verified. So now the question: how does one become part of the elite?  The answer is simple – go the extra mile.

That is where we come in. One of the requirements for consideration is self check-in (or a 24-hour check-in representative), and nothing can be simpler than OPEN’s smart solutions – the ultimate check-in convenience for any Airbnb guest. No longer will there be unnecessary waiting around for the guest or host to arrive, and certainly no need for key handover. Not only will that free up time, but it is also a convenient solution to those that do not live in the same area that their Airbnb property is located in. It also bridges the gap of welcoming guests that may arrive at difficult times of the day or night – meaning that as a host, you can carry on with work or life with no interruptions to your usual schedule.

Making your home smart

This is the easy part. Simply identify the number of access points in your home (including gates and garages) that you need to make smart, fill out the form on our website and we will call you back with the required cost to arrange the installation and take you a step closer to making your Airbnb part of the elite. Then simply, download the app, purchase the plan that works best for you and start enjoying all the benefits of OPEN.

It’s extremely simple to manage guests on our app: you can set a time limit that a particular guest can access the property and even send a pin code so that they can get in via a keypad installed on your property. Our recently launched App Learning Centre provides simple videos and user manuals that can be downloaded which will guide you step-by-step on how to use the app, and we are always just a button or phone call away to provide any support you require.

Success is in the details

On average an Airbnb Plus host earns R10 994 per month in the Cape Town area. This is a great source of extra income which could go to that destination holiday or paying off the mortgage.

If you are eager for your home to carry the PLUS badge indicative of an Airbnb Plus experience, then we will be glad to assist you. Not only will you be labelled an exceptional host because of your impeccable décor, but you’ll also allow your guests the independence needed during check-in and check-out for a relaxing and comfortable stay.