• ClassicFM

    Jacquis talks to Nastassia Arendse and Arabile Gumede about OPEN & the new CONNECT device.

  • ITWeb

    A new app, developed locally, hopes to help Airbnb hosts easily manage their rental by allowing guests to access their property without keys. Called OPEN, the access management app makes any gate, garage or door smart without changing the door lock or motors. It works by connecting all access points to OPEN, with a keypad installed at the entrance. When guests, or service staff, are expected, the app owner generates a PIN that works for a certain period of time and sends it to the people wanting to enter. The owner will then be notified when the door is opened or shut.

  • SmileFM

    Bobby Brown talks about technology being developed to replace the analogue door lock and key by using a mobile smartphone application called, OPEN, which partners with a CONNECT device. Application founder, Jacquis Tolsma explains how the company developed the idea and its various application.

  • Talk IoT

    After taking into account the pros and cons of various options, we can confidently say that OPEN offers the best solution for controlled, convenient and compatible access management.

  • Talk IoT

    I know you’ve driven 10 minutes down the road or you arrived at work, and asked yourself that nagging question: "Did I close the garage or house door?” Now, instead of freaking out, you can use a newly developed access management app to make your doors smart. This South African app, known as OPEN allows users to make any gate, garage or door smart without changing the door lock or motors.