Easy come, easy go – setting up your very own smart access system

By admin

Convenience is the keyword of culture today. And rightly so, with many technological advances happening in the interest of becoming even more efficient.

As a company we have we have improved and tailored smart technology to the South African market in the hope that every business, home and community will make the smart choice of simplifying access to their properties.

What follows are a few easy steps to show you how simple the transition to smart can be.

Step 1: All about numbers

If the object is to streamline access to your property, then you will want to make sure that every access point in your home, business or community has a smart lock. Begin by identifying how many access points need to be linked to the OPEN app, this includes gates, garages, and regular doors.

Once you have established the number of access points, you can calculate the number of CONNECT devices that will be needed. Keep in mind that two access points are able to link to one CONNECT device, but they will need to be in reasonable proximity of one another. For example, a gate and garage, two garage doors next to one another or a garage and back or front door. If the access points are plotted correctly, you should be able to order half the number of CONNECTS to access points.

Step 2: Lock it up

The next step would be to choose the type of lock that would best suit your various access points. Here are the options available to you with a few pros and cons of each:

  1. Electric strike lock: compatible with most doors, does not require a battery backup as it has a key override option but requires cutting into the door and door jamb to install.
  2. Maglock: very secure lock which simply fixes on to the door and is compatible with timber, glass or aluminium doors, however, it is visible and requires a battery backup as it will release when not connected to power.
  3. Shear lock: suitable for wood or aluminium doors, also a very secure lock and not visible, however, it requires cutting into the door and door jamb to install and requires a battery backup as it will release when not connected to power. 

Step 3: Back up

If you are connecting a garage or gate – simply wire the CONNECT to the existing battery to ensure the CONNECT is always connected.  For maglocks or shear locks, , make sure that you install a battery backup to ensure your lock doesn’t fail if the electricity goes off and to ensure your CONNECT device is always online.

Worried about your phone battery being depleted? Have workers or guests with no smartphone or no data? Purchase the OPENkeypad

The OPENkeypad is effective should you have an au pair who fetches and carries the children, but you would prefer not to give them keys to the home in case they are misplaced. Should you be an Airbnb host, a keypad is the perfect solution for granting access to the property without you needing to hand over physical keys. Overall, this convenient feature gives you lasting peace of mind.

Step 4: Gather the inventory

Commit to making your home smarter by contacting us.

Once you have purchased your chosen devices, you can subscribe to the app and find the right plan for you. The plans work on a sliding scale depending on the number of access points, and people that will be using these access points.

The more devices or users, the higher the monthly fee of the plan. For example, a basic plan covers three access points, allows four users per device and 30 guest entries per month, costing you R100 per month. An enterprise plan covers 25 access points, allows 500 users per device and gives you unlimited guest entries per month, costing you R2 500 per month.

Step 5: Make it happen

Now that the subscription plan has been established and devices purchased, all that is left to do is install the CONNECT devices and link them to the access points. It is such a simple process that any person with a basic understanding of DIY will be able to do it using our installation guide, downloadable once you have purchased the CONNECT. Alternatively, if you are not confident in your DIY skills, you can hire an installer. The installation process is quick and simple either way.

And just like that, you are the proud owner of a smart home. If you have any questions about the process, or would like to know more about it, feel free to contact us and find out why using OPEN is the smartest choice you could make.