Our newest solution to short-term rental difficulties

August 31, 2018
Controlled, convenient, compatible. The 3 C’s at the heart of OPEN. We are constantly working on improving our products and services to help you manage access to your property. A few months ago we asked…
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OPEN’s 10th successful installation

August 16, 2018
The definition of a milestone is a significant landmark which reminds you of what has been overcome in the journey so far. They are to be celebrated and commemorated, which brings us to the purpose…
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OPEN the door to Airbnb Plus – higher standards for a higher income

July 4, 2018
“If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.” – Hunter S. Thompson We couldn’t agree more. Especially when it comes to maintaining the thread of luxury and convenience of your Airbnb. People appreciate…
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Easy come, easy go – setting up your very own smart access system

June 4, 2018
Convenience is the keyword of culture today. And rightly so, with many technological advances happening in the interest of becoming even more efficient. As a company we have we have improved and tailored smart technology…
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Which is the best smart lock for your home?

May 22, 2018
As South Africans, we really value the importance of safety due to the high crime rate we experience.  We want to feel secure in our homes without worrying about who is able to access our…
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The three Cs of smart home access

May 3, 2018
Life can get busy… very busy! Running from one thing to the next means that you are rarely at home to let in your domestic worker, an Airbnb guest or even on occasion, a friend…
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5 smart devices that will transform your home

March 29, 2018
Modern technology and its evolution over the last decade has completely overshadowed any expectations the human race had before the 1900s. We no longer need to wait months for a letter in the post, as…
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