5 smart devices that will transform your home

Modern technology and its evolution over the last decade has completely overshadowed any expectations the human race had before the 1900s. We no longer need to wait months for a letter in the post, as contact with those closest to us is now possible at our fingertips.

Things that we may have thought impossible mere decades ago are now coming to fruition, even within the comfort of our homes. Smart technology has paved the way for a new level of convenience at the push of a button. Let’s explore a few of the possibilities that you may consider when automating your home this season.


The Amazon Echo is a  speaker that connects to Alexa – Amazon’s answer to Siri – a state of the art intelligent voice recognition system. Just by asking Alexa, it allows you to play music, call friends and family, control smart home devices and more. Alexa is always connected to an information cloud, meaning that she is always updating her features.

You command Alexa directly through microphones in Echo devices which cancel noise and have far-field voice recognition. This means that even when you are playing music and directing a question at her from any angle, she will pick it up. Now all your personal admin can be completed totally hands-free!

Cook Smarter

Cooking is a lovely pastime, if you have time that is. Now your smart home could minimise the stress of preparing perfect meals for your family by using smart apps and devices to do basic tasks. Here are a few to consider:

The Weber kitchen thermometer: this device has a monitor that uses Bluetooth to measure the temperature of dishes while they’re cooking. This then connects with an app to your phone, informing you when the meal has reached the desired temperature. You’ll never have to worry about burnt food again.

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge: a built-in communication centre for your home, this refrigerator has a touchscreen and cameras inside so you can see when you need to stock up on much-needed groceries.

Smart light bulbs

If you’re looking for energy saving, smart lighting is the way to go. It can help regulate electricity usage by automatically turning off the lights when you leave the house and turning them on again when you arrive. They can even be adjusted to provide a warmer or cooler lighting scheme throughout the day, or flash on and off to notify you of new information about the house.

One of the best options is Phillips Hue lighting because of its easy operational system and consistent performance. It can be run using the Hue app, Siri, (if you have an iOS device) or Alexa, if you have an Echo device.

Tetra smart dishwasher

A dishwasher that connects to Wi-Fi? Impressive. The best part is that this is only one of the numerous incredible features. The device is compact enough to fit on a counter and requires no plumbing at all. The dishwasher may only have enough space for two place settings, but its efficiency with water use more than makes up for it.

The environmental concern is taken even further as the cycle cleans well but lasts only a few minutes. It will definitely serve Capetonians well to consider this incredible machine, to preserve even more of the resource they so desperately need.

Forget your keys

Last but certainly not least, you can simplify access to your home or short-term rental by using OPEN. Our innovative app offers you 24-hour remote access to your home or business through the CONNECT device. Simply install the device on your access doors/ gates and use the OPEN app to gain or give access to your home. The best part about it is that you don’t need to be at home to give access, you can control your home from anywhere in the world. All doors can be smart!

The app is compatible with any GSM device but the CONNECT is neat, cost-effective and easy to install. You no longer have to give someone a remote or key to access your home, which means easy Airbnb changeovers and no need to wait at home to let your domestic worker in. That’s the ultimate in convenience.

Whether you’re a gadget-lover or not, you can’t deny that these solutions could add real value to your life. If nothing else, contact us today to install the CONNECT in your home and start your journey to a smart home.